Amgrelo is a company that has both the Convention with the UAS and with the MAE, that is with the foreign ministry.

International shipments of pets and pets

International shipments of pets and pets

International shipments of pets and pets

Thanks to the highly qualified staff, the AMG has undertaken shipments of pets and pets in recent years. Our staff will follow all the stages and will stay with your pet until they board the plane.

All the service will be performed with love and passion for animals to facilitate their departure away from their family.

All our agents and correspondents in their respective destinations have been carefully chosen to guarantee a highly qualified and professional service in import and export.

For booking you need the following information and documents:

◦Full sender’s address and related telephone number
◦Full address of the person who picks up at the airport and its telephone number
◦Confirmation of the size of the pet carrier, the pet carrier suitable for the cat must be 5 cm higher from the ears and longer than the tail
◦Copy passport
◦ Certificate of Good Health for Expatriation issued by the veterinary ASL no later than 10 days before the flight
◦ Registration to the Registry number and date of implantation of the Microchip
◦Pesticide treatment carried out within 3 months before departure
◦ Health booklet with list of supported vaccines (stickers)
◦ Copy of the owner’s passport including tax code
◦Photo IATA approved pet carrier
◦Invoicing data

All documentation must be translated into Bilingual. (English).

In some countries, quarantine is required before withdrawal.

All animals must travel in a suitable cage according to IATA and must comply with international regulations for travel by plane so as to allow maximum comfort and safety to your animal. We provide advice to the client in carrying out all documentary practices.

For more information on the services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Request a personalized quote without obligation, making use of expert staff advice, able to recommend the best solutions to apply to any of your needs. Your every request will be handled with professionalism and efficiency in the shortest possible time.


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