Amgrelo is a company that has both the Convention with the UAS and with the MAE, that is with the foreign ministry.




AMG International Relocations makes several warehouses available to its customers.

For the storage of furniture, art objects, antiques, documents and archives, our boxes or containers are used exclusively for the storage of furniture and household goods, flexible and targeted solutions for companies and individuals looking for useful spaces for storing products, goods, goods, documents and even furniture.

If you find old furniture in the house that you want to replace with new ones, but you don’t want to throw them away because they can always be comfortable or maybe you have the opportunity to calmly resell them. If you are renovating or renovating your home and for a few weeks you don’t know where to put your furniture. If instead you are moving to a new house in Rome and you want to move without haste deciding whether to keep or change the furniture.


If you find yourself in one of these situations you need a space that will keep your furniture for a certain period of time

A dry, safe and guaranteed place to be able to access freely and without having to spend significant amounts on rent. In addition to the storage of furniture, our company offers individual outdoor spaces for the storage of your plants with irrigation service.

Our warehouses, guarded 24 hours a day and equipped with alarm and video surveillance systems, guarantee maximum safety of the goods on departure or arrival, for short and long term storage. Furthermore, AMG offers its customers “All Risks” insurance policies also for the sole custody of your move, your works of art, your paintings, your documents, your archive.

For all those who will carry out a moving service, Amg offers 1 month of FREE deposit!

For more information on the services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Request a personalized quote without obligation, making use of expert staff advice, able to recommend the best solutions to apply to any of your needs. Your every request will be handled with professionalism and efficiency in the shortest possible time.


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