Amgrelo is a company that has both the Convention with the UAS and with the MAE, that is with the foreign ministry.

International Removals

International Removals

International removals with suitable means

AMG International Relocations, thanks to its long experience and the network of correspondents and agents in the world, is able to move and ship your personal effects, furniture, luggage following passengers, anywhere in the world, by sea, by land and by road. air.

Our company carries out international removals using special means for shipments abroad, of several cubic meters and road trains, connecting Rome to all countries reachable by land, but the “Domicilio a Domicilio” international shipping service can also be performed via sea, air.

For sea shipments, different types of removals can be offered:

LCL – “Loose Cargo Loading” – Removal in conjunction with other removals shipped in maritime containers. This service is requested for minimum quantities, not exceeding 8/10 cubic meters, because the port costs at destination sometimes exceed the cost of a 20ft FCL container.

FCL – “Full Container Loading” – Your mov40ft – contenuto circa 60 metri cubie travels in maritime containers exclusively for you.

There are three types of containers:

– 20ft Standard – content around 30 cubic meters
– 40ft – content around 60 cubic meters
– 40ft High Cube – content around 70 cubic meters

View the PDF document with the Container Measurements

Air shipments are required for quantities not exceeding 500 kg.

The air service is provided with our IATA cartons, suitable for containing your personal effects. AMG uses only IATA Airlines which guarantee reservations and confirmation for all types of goods, including personal effects.


◦ International removals in the world:
◦ Europe – Africa – Asia – United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, CIle – Oceania and many other destinations
◦ Packaging that meets international specifications
◦ Air Freight Shipments:
◦ Wooden crates conforming to the ISPM-15 standard
◦ Cardboard boxes with I.A.T.A specifications
◦ Pallets or shaped aluminum containers supplied by the airlines
◦ The goods are prepared in our warehouses and then forwarded to the airport
◦ International Cargo Sea Shipping:
Age Groupage (LCL – combined) or in 20ft and 40ft containers (FCL)

Our company provides all the information for the international move with the issue of the necessary documentation for the Italian and foreign customs.

Shipments of personal effects all over the world.

Relocations to the United States (USA), Canada, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Honduras, San Salvador and all Central America, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahama, s Europe, Russia, Kuwait , Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Lybia, Nigeria, Suda, n Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Zambia, Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Guinea, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, India , Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Papua, New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand.

Haven’t found your city? Don’t worry, AMG transports removals and ships all over the world.

For more information on the services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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