Amgrelo is a company that has both the Convention with the UAS and with the MAE, that is with the foreign ministry.



AMG international freight forwarding department

We also specialize in national and international removals, in the Air, Maritime and Land freight service.

Don’t your favorite personal items, clothes or books fit in your suitcase?

Don’t worry, our company offers you the service of shipping baggage, suitcases and cartons, using the primary IATA Airlines with efficient and convenient solutions. Our sales department is available to the customer to choose the most suitable solution and to support him throughout the shipping process until arrival at destination.

For each customs procedure we will provide you with all the assistance necessary for the analysis of the commercial and customs documentation, for the identification of the correct customs classification for the product you want to import / export. We will answer any of your questions regarding customs operations with related necessary fulfilments.

Each nation has its own rules and laws

speaking of taxes and duties and the import of personal effects, each state has its own list of goods that cannot be imported. We provide a small list of states where the rules for international shipments can be found: Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and many other destinations.

We also show you a link available on the web, where you can calculate the approximate amount of taxes.Duty Calculator

Documents required for export and obtain authorization. If you send a package outside the European Union, the sender must attach a commercial invoice. The invoice contains the sender and recipient data and the description and codes of the goods.

If the shipment has no market value (ie its content is not intended to be placed on the market), the attached invoice is called “pro forma invoice”, indicating the relative content and quantity of the shipment.

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